Welcome to the ShiftyBlog!

Posted on Wed 24 February 2016 in General

Well, welcome back to the ShiftyBlog. I've decided to move away from the terrible cluster of hell that is WordPress, and have decided to play around with a new, flat-file format(Pelican, for anybody wondering).

Don't worry, my guides for the Amazon Unlimited Plex Server still exist, and are undergoing a bit of a rewrite to make them more up to date and to play nicely with Markdown formatting. They'll be up shortly.

A whole bunch of stuff has happened in terms of servers and swapping stuff around, so I'll actually be following my own guides again to get set up, meaning I can fix stuff on the way.

Since it's flat-file HTML, you can just ctrl+s the page if you're nervous of it going down again (it won't!), but be sure to check back for any updates!

Thanks guys,

Love Makeshift <3