Connor Bell's Website

Well, a placeholder.


Download my CV from here.

Who am I?

A DevOps engineer with 5 years experience specialising in AWS Solutions Architecture.

I currently work at the Institute for Environmental Analytics in Reading as a Senior DevOps Engineer.

Want to contact me and see some of my work?

Check out my GitHub

Or you can find me on LinkedIn

You could even use Email, if it's easier.

Want to hire me?

Interested in my services? Want someone experienced in AWS, DevOps methodology, containers, Linux, Terraform and finds solving complex problems fun?

If so, hit me up on any of my contact methods above. I'm happy to chat about contract work or permanent positions.

What am I looking for?

I'm looking for a company open to new ideas, ready to follow best practice and comfortable with change for the better.

I want somewhere where I can explore new processes and techniques to make the best environment for efficient, happy developers to work along with the well-defined, orchestrated services and servers.

Large companies with many small processes, or small companies with monolithic platforms - Primarily, I'm looking for an interesting challenge that I can get stuck into.

I'm itching to get more enterprise experience with newer technologies and continue honing my skills in transforming companies older processes into lean, slick, robust workflows.

If you think I might be a good fit for your company, contact me and let me know!

I'd prefer to be primarily a remote worker. Don't worry, I've worked remote for years and I can assure you, I do some of my best work in the comfort of my own home!

I'm open to part-time or full-time contracts, as well as permanent employment for the right kind of role.

What is this site, anyway?

This website is based on the best motherfucking website by Denys Vitali, primarily because I found it funny, and secondarily because I can't do frontend design to save my life.

The plan is to use this as a placeholder until I get time to have my TeX CV generate as a website and have a nice CI/CD pipeline for it.

Or I might try out Reactive Resume, I havent decided yet.

Anyway, thanks for visiting!